First year with Instax mini 11

I purchased the Instax mini 11 to get more loose when taking photos, to not think about them that much. First months it was hard, I had a lot, like a lot lot photos that didn’t make it. But lately, I gained more confidence how to work with the camera and to just go and take the shot I would like to instead of overthinking my way out. First more

Free photos even for commercial use – where to find mine

If you can’t afford to get paid photos for your commercial project, or you just want to use them for personal work (or for example as a wallpaper) and feel like you didn’t violate any copyrights in the process, there you can find some of my photos that you can use for free! My most updated gallery is on Unsplash, where I (irregularly) upload a few photos from my photoshoots

Macro with Nikon Coolpix L3 in 2022

Parametres Release date: 2006 Resolution: 5.1 Mpix 640×480 video Lens: 38-116mm F3.2 – 5.6 2″ LCD AA batteries or EN-MH1 Photos I found this small little sweet camera for $0.4 and thought it have to be dead for sure. What a surprise when I inserted batteries and it turned on without any bigger problem. I was playing in the menu for a minute to find out what it can do,

Smena lomo 8M on music festival

Took my trusty Smena lomo M8 to my first music festival last year, with ISO 200 black and white Fomapan film. As it’s cheap, but durable camera, that is fully manual, it was stress-free carry around and take some interesting snapshots!